Bucket Elevator

TDTG Series Bucket Elevator
The bucket elevator of TDTG series is widely seen in grain, oil, foodstuff, feedstuff, port and chemical industry. It was awarded the gold medal in "The 11th China International Grain and Oil Product and Equipment Fair". Relying on the first class quality, our grain conveying device is used by China National Food Reserve Agency for the construction of grain depot.

Features of Head Section
1. The inside of head section for the bucket elevator is manufactured with wear-resistant polymer liner. Bolted connection can be replaced easily.
2. The hood is composed of two parts, making it easier for the user to reach the inside part of the head section.
3. Thanks to the assembled structure and bolt joint, the installation and maintenance of the bucket elevator are quite easy.
4. Chimney type explosion vent to eliminate potential safety problems.
5. Spherical roller bearing with C/W adapter sleeve can bear heavy load. The installation of the head bearing is simple.
6. The head drum adopts prismatic groove surface to achieve enhanced traction and friction.
7. There are two hinged access doors installed at both sides of the head section. The PVC transparent glass window enables the user to observe the material conditions, conveniently.
8. The alarming device is available with this bucket elevator to detect deviation.

Trunking Device
1. The trunking device of the industrial bucket elevator is composed of anti-explosion trunks. The quantity of the trunk depends on the height and volume of the material handling equipment.
2. The access door with PVC transparent glass makes convenient material observation possible.
3. Hydraulic coupling is used between the reducer and the motor to shorten the start-up time.
4. Direct connected reducer with hard tooth surface, together with the auxiliary motor of the bucket elevator, can prevent backspin and maintain low running speed for convenient maintenance.

Features of Elevator Boot
1. The boot of the product comes with hand wheel installed on both sides to control the opening and closing of the door, which is designed for cleaning the residue on the bottom boot easily.
2. Multiple inlets at both sides. User can choose the inlet based on the features of the material.
3. Small hoppers at both sides to feed the cleaning material back to the elevator.
4. In addition to the speed monitor, the bucket elevator is manufactured with two PVC transparent glass windows. So customer can observe the material conditions inside the product.

Technical Parameters

Type Conveying Capacity(T/H) Linear Velocity(M/S) Maximum Lifting Height
TDTG50×23 50 ≤2.5 40
TDTG60×28 100 ≤2.8 40
TDTG60×33 200 ≤3.5 50
TDTG80×46 300 ≤3.5 60
TDTG80×33×2 400 ≤3.5 60
TDTG100×45×2 500 ≤3.5 60
TDTG80×46×3 600 ≤2.5 70
TDTG120×48×3 800 ≤3.2 65
TDTG120×48×4 1000 ≤2.7 65
TDTG120×48×6 1500 ≤3.5 50

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