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En-Masse Conveyor

TGSS Series En-Masse Conveyor
1. The TGSS series En-Masse conveyor is applicable for material loading and unloading at multiple locations.
2. It is equipped with overload protection device and blocking and chain breaking alarming device.
3. Forged chain and roller chain are optional for this grain handling equipment.
4. The grain conveying device is well received because of its high strength, outstanding wear resistance, and long conveying distance.
5. The En-Masse conveyor is installed with user-friendly chain tension controller. The easy tension control extends the lifespan of the product.

Head Section Features
1. The head bearing support of the material handling equipment is made of 20-30mm thick steel plate, to ensure reinforced strength and smooth running.
2. Access door makes it easier for the user to observe the material condition.
3. Head drive chain cover is specially installed on the product to ensure safe operation.

Tail Section Features
1. The tail bearing of the En-Masse conveyor comes with chain tension control device to improve driving efficiency.
2. The speed measuring device is optional. The chain speed can be well controlled to avoid chain breaking, preventing workers from being injured.
3. Access door enables user to observe the material condition, easily.

Trough Section Features
1. The flange connection of the En-Masse conveyor uses 8mm thick steel plate for high strength.
2. The wearable liner, which is fixed by bolt, is installed on the side panel, greatly improving the service life of the conveyor.

Technical Parameters

Type Conveying Capacity (T/H) Size of the Trough’s Cross-section(mm x mm) Scraper Chain Speed(M/S) Maximum Conveying Angle
Maximum Conveying Distance
TGSS25 70-100 250x250 0.4-0.63 15 60
TGSS32 100-150 320x320 0.4-0.63 15 70
TGSS40 150-220 400x360 0.4-0.63 15 70
TGSS50 200-400 500x400 0.4-0.80 15 80
TGSS63 300-650 630x500 0.4-0.80 15 80
TGSS80 450-950 800x600 0.4-0.80 15 80
TGSS100 650-1600 1000x700 0.4-1.0 15 100
TGSS130 950-2300 1300x800 0.4-1.0 15 100

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