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Air Supported Belt Conveyor

The Air Supported Belt Conveyor provided by Jingu is specially designed and manufactured continuous conveying equipment devoted to satisfying the needs for new continuous conveying machinery in both the domestic and international markets. This equipment, of two types - the mobile Air Supported Belt Conveyor and fixed Air Supported Belt Conveyor, is mainly used to deal with such bulk materials as sand, stone, coal, iron ore, cement and clay, as well as sacked materials, like bagged cement and grain. Given this, it has been applied in a wide range of industries and occasions such as construction, chemical industry, mines, warehouse, station, and granaries.

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Product Features
1. Lower Energy Consumption. Instead of carrier rollers, this Air Supported Belt Conveyor is supported by a belt which avoids the rolling friction and brings out fluid friction. Therefore, the traction it needs and the running resistance it is exerted to are much lower compared with those of its counterparts. That means it will consume 8% less energy than the roller conveyor in the same task and under the same technological processes. Moreover, the larger the conveying throughput is and the father the conveying distance is, the more remarkable this strength will become;

2. Light Weight. This Air Supported Belt Conveyor has a box-section air tank which enables the conveyor’s longitudinal stent to bear a larger torque and bending moment. As it employs fewer rollers (which are merely applied as the transition idlers in the two ends of the equipment) and fewer tapes, this belt conveyor enjoys a light weight. Meanwhile, since the strength coefficient and rigidity coefficient of its specific weight is relatively large, this air-supported machinery could bear a larger overload capacity;

3. Longer Lifespan. It’s much easier to give this Air Supported Belt Conveyor an overall protective seal. Meanwhile, as the tapes, of a lower tensile force and fewer abrasions, would never go off the track and get torn, and could be cooled by the air cushion, they enjoy an expanded lifespan 1 to 2 times longer than that of others. Given the above fact, this air-supported conveyor could serve for you for a longer time compared with other counterparts;

4. Lower Maintenance Cost. Supported by an air cushion, this air-supported belt equipment has less rotatable components. Therefore it is highly resistive to abrasion and quite reliable, requiring a much lower maintenance and related costs. As the fact tells, the maintenance fee this machinery requires is 25% to 30% lower than that of the roller conveyor;

5. Stable and Smooth Conveyance. As for a roller conveyor, its belt is waving forward and the materials therefore often scatter out. Besides, the tapes sometimes will go off the track and get heavily abraded. But all these shortcomings are overcome by the air-supported bulk materials conveyor which, working in a stable and smooth way, would seldom scatter materials on its belt and never automatically classify the buck materials according to their fineness, especially suitable for the conveyance of mixed bulk materials. Meanwhile, its tapes would not go off the track and there is no dust fling during its operation;

6. Lower Starting Power. This Air Supported Belt Conveyor could be started with full loads. However, the roller conveyor, whose full load starting power is 0.5 to 1.5 times higher than its operating power, could hardly get stared in this way. Usually, it could be started only as the materials are less than 2/3 of its full loads. As for the former, of full loads, it could be still started directly without any other supporting measures in that its motor’s starting power is very close to the conveyor’s operational power as long as the air cushion layer is formed;

7. Great Conveying Capacity. The best operating speed of the air-supported conveyor is 3~4m/s, the maximum 12m/s, the minimum 0.8m/s. Given this, it enjoys a larger conveying capacity;

8. Easier to be Sealed Entirely. With a sealed gas tank, this air-supported belt machinery could be entirely sealed and it is quite easier to install a protective hood on it. Therefore, it is a perfect choice if you need custody transference and want to install dust extractions. To be short, this equipment, with reduced pollution and noise, could help to protect the environment and make contributions to civilized productions.

Product Parameters
Type Tape Width(mm) Linear Speed(M/S) Conveying Capacity(M 3 /h)
QDG50 500 0.8-2.5 55-170
QDG65 650 0.8-3.15 100-310
QDG80 800 0.8-3.15 155-620
QDG100 1000 0.8-4.0 250-1100
QDG120 1200 1.0-5.0 470-2000
QDG140 1400 1.0-5.0 700-2800
QDG160 1600 2.0-5.0 1700-3500
QDG180 1800 2.0-5.0 2200-4500
QDG200 2000 2.0-5.0 2500-6000

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