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Conventional Belt Conveyors

The universal belt conveyor Jingu provides is a reliable transportation equipment devoted to the conveyance of such low abrasive materials as powder, granular and small block materials, as well as bagged materials. This product, including both the horizontal conveyor and incline conveyor, enjoys a sound performance and is very convenient to use.

According to our research on the market needs, we have also developed and manufactured an unloading trolley which could allow you to continuously unload loads at the any planned places according to the processing requirements. Due to its above strength and reliable performance, this general belt conveyor has been wildly used in many industrials and gained good reputations from users.

Product Features
1. This general belt conveyor enjoys a simple structure and general dimensions, very easy to maintain;

2. The belt this universal belt conveyor employs is a laminated one with cores and plastic cover, highly resistive to impacts, mechanical juries, and abrasion. Therefore, it enjoys a longer lifespan;

3. The carrier rollers of this versatile conveyor enjoy a great tenacity and could effectively protect the bearings by absorbing impacts, therefore expanding the machinery’s lifespan. At the same time, they are light-weighted, highly-resistive to abrasion, and non-sticky. Meanwhile, the belt enjoys a lower friction coefficient.

Products Parameters
Type Belt Width (mm) Linear Speed(M/S) Conveying Capacity(M3 /h)
TDSG50 500 0.8-2.5 55-170
TDSG 65 650 0.8-3.15 100-310
TDSG 80 800 0.8-3.15 155-620
TDSG 100 1000 0.8-4.0 250-1100
TDSG 120 1200 1.0-5.0 470-2000
TDSG 140 1400 1.0-5.0 700-2800
TDSG 160 1600 2.0-5.0 1700-3500
TDSG 180 1800 2.0-5.0 2200-4500
TDSG 200 2000 2.0-5.0 2500-6000

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