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Enclosed Belt Conveyor

The enclosed belt conveyor manufactured by Jingu is a new continuous transport machinery that has taken the place of the traditional trough idler belt conveyor and could avoid the problem of conventional belt conveyor, namely, going off the track. Meanwhile, the enclosed plough discharger (Patent Number ZL 2005 20030901.1), an independently designed and manufactured product of our company, could be used together with the horizontal enclosed conveyor to unload materials at any designated location. It could also cooperate with other rollertype (belt) conveyor of different structures, belts, and conveying capacities, and works as an intermediate discharging device.

Product Features
1. Its enclosed hood could cover the moving materials on the belt, therefore effectively reducing dust pollution and promoting the workshop environment;
2. Its roller bearings are installed at the outside of the hood, making it easier for you to conduct daily lubrication and maintenance;

3. This enclosed belt conveyor enjoys a great conveying capacity and lower energy consumption, causing no dust flying and requiring less maintenance. Given this, it has been widely used in the horizontal or slightly inclined conveyance of bulk materials.

Products Parameters
Type Belt Width(mm) Linear Speed(M/S) Conveying Capacity(M3/h)
DSDC 50 500 0.8-2.5 30-100
DSDC 65 650 0.8-3.15 80-200
DSDC 80 800 0.8-3.15 150-300
DSDC 100 1000 0.8-4.0 250-600
DSDC 120 1200 1.0-5.0 400-800
DSDC 140 1400 1.0-5.0 600-1000
DSDC 160 1600 2.0-5.0 800-1500

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