Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor JINGU manufactures is a fixed conveying equipment that enjoys a reliable performance, simpler structure and sound leakproofness. The helical blades this conveyor employs are of two forms, namely the entity spiral surface and the vane spiral face, and two spiral directions-- the left and right. The hanging bearing in the middle part, made of self lubricating oil nylon or Ptfe materials, requires no external lubrication and could prevent materials on the belt from being polluted by the lubes.

Compared with other conveying equipment this multifunctional screw conveyor enjoys a greater performance, securer operation, and lower manufacturing cost, and could conduct intermediate loading and unloading operations at multiple locations. It is quite suitable to convey powdery, granular, or small bulk materials in a horizontal or slightly inclined way. Therefore, this screw conveyor has become an indispensable gear in such industrials as flour, oil & fat, and feeds productions. Moreover, it has been wildly used as cement screw conveyor, coal screw conveyor and other conveyors. In order to satisfy various needs of our clients, we also provide other derived types of this product to you, such as the shaft screw conveyor, shaftless screw conveyor, U-type screw conveyor and tube screw conveyor.

Products Parameters
Type Conveying Capacity
(M3 /h)
Size of the Screw (mm) Revolving Speed(rpm)
Diameter Screw Pitch
TLSS200 6-12.5 200 200 50-100
TLSS250 11-22 250 250 45-90
TLSS315 20-41 320 320 40-80
TLSS400 32-65 400 355 36-71
TLSS500 50-98 500 400 32-63
TLSS630 70-139 630 450 25-50
TLSS800 70-139 800 500 20-40
TLSS1000 140-280 1000 560 16-32
TLSS1250 200-390 1250 630 13-25

Related Names
Screw Conveyor | Spiral Conveyor

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