Material Handling & Conveying

Welcome to Jingu! This page will show you all the quality Material Handling & Conveying our company provides. As a professional grain machinery manufacturer and supplier, Jingu has been dedicated for nearly 20 years in the development, manufacturing and exportation of bulk grain conveyor, stacker, grain dryer and storage equipment.

The major quality grain conveying equipment we provide to you include bucket elevator, scraper conveyor, air-supported belt conveyor, general belt conveyor, enclosed belt conveyor, mobile belt conveyor, screw conveyor and other related accessory equipment, all of which enjoy wide applications, stable and reliable performance and simple operations. Based on our years' experience and manufacturing capacity, we can provide you rich types of Material Handling & Conveying. For more detailed information about our products, please visit the linked web page. You are welcomed to contact us as well. We promise to offer the best products and services to you.

Related Names
Grain Conveying Equipment | Material Handling Equipment | Grain Machine

    1. Portable Belt ConveyorThe mobile belt conveyor JINGU provides is a major continuous handling equipment used in the conveyance of grains in warehouse. Of multiple functions, this mobile telescopic equipment could not only transfer bulk materials and bagged materials ...
    1. Screw ConveyorThe screw conveyor JINGU manufactures is a fixed conveying equipment that enjoys a reliable performance, simpler structure and sound leakproofness. The helical blades this conveyor employs are of two forms, namely the entity spiral surface and the vane spiral face ...
    1. Scraper ReclaimerThis grain warehouse machinery enjoys highly automatic, secure and smooth operations, novel and simple structure, as well as sound productivity.
    1. Silo Sweep AugerThe silo sweep auger Jingu provides is a reliable grain machinery geared to the flat bottom silo. When most of the materials flow out of the folio, the rest could be handled by this sweep auger. In this way all the materials will be moved out of the silo.
    1. Grain ScraperThe grain scraper Jingu manufactures is a mobile bulk materials handling equipment which mainly consists of a host, a spinning frame, a conveyor and lifting gears. Suitable for the in-and-out warehouse of bulk grains, this automatic grain scraper could also work together ...