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Scraper Reclaimer

The new multi-functional scraper reclaimer Jingu provides to you is an essential equipment for mechanized warehouses. It could be used to disperse grains evenly to prevent grains accumulating in a taper shape. Therefore, this grain warehouse scraper reclaimer could help make full use of the warehouse and promotes its utilization rates, enabling it to play a full play. At the same time, as an in-and-out warehouse mechanical equipment, it could also be used to get the inside materials out of the warehouse, reducing the demand for labors.

Product Features
This grain warehouse machinery enjoys highly automatic, secure and smooth operations, novel and simple structure, as well as sound productivity. It could be applied in the in-and-out warehousing of various bulk materials such as flour, oil and fat, fertilizer, and cement.

Products Parameters
Type Capacity (M3 /h) width (m) Lifting Speed (m/s) Linear Speed (m/s) translational velocity (m/s) Power (kW) Working Height (m)
Scraper Power Walking Power Lifting Power
PCJ300 100-300 30-60 1.1 0.07/ 0.02 0.5/0.03 11x2 1.5/0.37 11/3 0-16

Related Names
Scraper Relaiming Machine

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