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Fine Seed Cleaner

1. The fine Seed Cleaner is installed with multi-layer sieve to clean the impurities, completely.
2. Positive-negative pressure wind system can further remove the light impurity and bad seeds.
3. The upper and lower sieve of the seed cleaning equipment can be exchanged flexibly to satisfy varied processing demands.
4. The sieve boxes are installed oppositely to achieve good self-balancing performance.
5. Main part of the fine Seed Cleaner adopts fine quality wooden frame with good airtightness, and vibration absorption device to reduce the noise during operation.
6. Wide adjustable range makes fine cleaning easy and convenient.
7. The rubber ball sieve cleaning device is manufactured with steel frame structure for good cleaning performance.
8. Our fine Seed Cleaner comes with safety guard for each moving parts to ensure high safety.
9. Symmetric design of the agricultural machinery supports material discharging at both left and right hand side.
10. Box-type structure of product the can reduce dust content in workshop.

Technical Parameters of fine Seed Cleaner
Model 5X-5 5X-12
Dimension(L×W×H) 3200×1920×3600mm 3790×1940×4060mm
Overall weight 3250kg 3600kg
Rated production capacity 5t/h 10t/h
Overall air inflow 8200m3 12520m3
External air blower 4-72N0-6A, 7.5kW 4-79N0-6A, 11kW
Vibrating sieve motor(Gear motor) 2.2kW 2.2kW
Back lifting system motor 3.0kW 3.0kW
Material feeding motor 1.5kW 1.5kW
Total power 6.7kW 6.7kW
Air blower type Centrifugal air blower
Top air blower revolving speed 4-79NO6A,1400r/min
Back air blower revolving speed 100-1000 r/min
Screen type Perforated plate screen
Screen dimension (L×W) 800×1250mm
Frequency 300(80-400) times/min
Amplitude 30mm
Sieve layers and quantity 4 layers,7 pieces 5 layers,15 pieces
Screen number and type
Level 1 1 piece of sieve with round hole 3 pieces of sieve with long hole
Level 2 2 pieces of sieve with long hole 3 pieces of sieve with long hole
Level 3 2 pieces of sieve with long hole 3 pieces of sieve with long hole
Level 4 2 pieces of sieve with long hole 3 pieces of sieve with long hole
Level 5 No 7 pieces of sieve with long hole

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