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Seed Gravity Separator

1. The seed gravity separator is constructed with combined type positive pressure fan system. The pressure can be adjusted within a wide range for wide applications.
2. The dedusting cover of the seed separating machine effectively reduces the dust content in the workshop. In the meantime, it makes it easier for the user to monitor material processing.
3. Scientifically designed, the frequency of the seed gravity separator can be displayed in real time. Stepless control on the working frequency is also supported.
4. The main parameters of the seed grader can be adjusted within a wide range for wide applications.
5. For high safety, we particularly manufacture the gravity separating equipment with safety guard for each moving parts.

Technical Parameter of Seed Gravity Separator
Item Unit Specification
Model - 5XZ-5 5XZ-10
Dimension (L×W×H) mm 3840×2110×1710 4300×2300×1900
Weight kg 1,650 2150
Power kW 12.1 14.1
Production capacity kg/h 5,000 -
Wind pressure Pa 0-1000 0-1000
Amplitude mm 7 7
Dip angle ° 30 30
Frequency 1/s 300-800 300-800
Screen size m2 3.4 3.4

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Seed Separator | Seed Destoner

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