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Silo Sweep Auger

The silo sweep auger Jingu provides is a reliable grain machinery geared to the flat bottom silo. When most of the materials flow out of the folio, the rest could be handled by this sweep auger. In this way all the materials will be moved out of the silo.

This grain sweep auger mainly consists of three parts, namely, the transmission device in the head section, spiral blades of the screw conveyor and the running gear. During its operation, its head section is propped up at the center discharge port of the silo and the running gear will push the auger to circle around its head. And in this process, materials scattering around this silo sweep auger will be swept to the center discharge port and then flow out of the silo. Given this, this grain handling equipment is quite suitable to get such bulk grains as corns, soybeans, rice, wheat and rapeseeds out of the warehouse or silo.

Product Features
1. Of a flexible modular design, this silo sweep auger could work in silos of various sizes;

2. This sweep machinery, of high strength, stiffness and sound leakproofness, could be pre-buried in the materials pile and start to work as soon as most materials flow out of the silo;

3.Its running device is equipped with antiskid tires and clump weight which enable the machinery to run smoothly in the silo;

4. The hanging bearing of the screw conveyor, made of oil nylon, need no additional lube and is highly resistive to abrasions;

5. Since its drive unit and bearings are perfectly sealed, this grain sweep auger could work continuously under a high dust environment.

Products Parameters
Type Conveying Capacity (T/h) Silo Diameter (m) Rotating Speed of the Spiral Blades (rpm) Power (kW)
Head Section Running Device
QCJ-50 50 12-40 86 5.5-15 1.1-4
QCJ-100 100 12-40 86 11-30 1.5-5.5

Related Names
Sweep Auger

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