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Automatic Packaging Machine

The machine integrates advanced intelligent robot and automatic control technology, using the complete serve control system to achieve high-precision control for the action of the mechanism. It is able to reduce the labor intensity of the workers, and improve work efficiency, to better meet the needs of the actual production.

Technical Specifications
Packing speed: 750 bags / hour
Packaging specification: Empty package 900*500
Fully loaded packing bag, fully loaded material height below 550mm
Packing weight: 25kg
Applicable scope: Single station packing scale, four station packing scale, six station packing scale

Equipment Structure

1. Bag grabbing system
2. Conveying system
3. Labeling system
4. Edging system
5. Sewing System

Main Feature
1. Various packaging bag types, one key type for product type conversion.
2. Flexible and convenient automatic control system, adopts servo control, flexible control mode, accurate positioning
3. Touch screen can pre-store product information, with formula production, simplifying production process.
4. Simple structure, convenient maintenance, maintenance service without professionals
5. The control system has functions of automatic control, detection, protection, alarm and so on. The start and stop, pause, emergency stop and other operating mode are carried out through the operation panel. The running state of the system and alarm can be displayed on the panel, and also displayed by the system operating state display lamp.

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