Grain Scraper

The grain scraper Jingu manufactures is a mobile bulk materials handling equipment which mainly consists of a host, a spinning frame, a conveyor and lifting gears. Suitable for the in-and-out warehouse of bulk grains, this automatic grain scraper could also work together with other equipment such as the conveyor and stacker, forming a modular production line. Given the above fact, this mobile grain scraper has gained a good reputation from our customers.

Products Parameters
Type Capacity (T/h) Rotation angle
( ° )
Conveying Height (m) Linear Speed
Belt Width(mm) Power
Boundary Dimensions
conveyor scraper
CPGDIII 50-80 360 1.5 1.2 500 400 3 6.5x0.8x1.8
CPGDIV 80-120 360 1.5 1.2 650 500 7.5 6.5x0.9x1.8

Related Names
Grain Scraping Machine

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