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Seed Indented Cylinder

1. The seed indented cylinder is designed in compact structure. It can be adjusted easily according to diversified seed cleaning requirements.
2. The seed processing machinery is composed of 3 replaceable sieves.
3. For different types of seed, the operating speed of the seed separator can be adjusted, freely.
4. Smartly designed, the dust removal port of the seed indented cylinder is positioned at the seed outlet.
5. The upper and lower sieving device are parallel and are driven by different motors.

Technical Parameters of Seed Indented Cylinder
Item Unit Specification
Model - 5XW-5
Dimension (L×W×H) mm 3880×1040×2330
Weight kg 1500
Production Capacity kg/h 5000
Power Motor - Cylinder motor, 2 units
Type - YSJ90L4
Power kW 1.5×2
Revolving Speed rpm 1400
Cylinder Roller Size (Dia.×L) mm Φ700×2700 Φ700×2700
Hole Diameter mm 5.6 or 8.5r 5.6 or 8.5
Revolving Speed rpm 38-48 (Adjustable) 38-48 (Adjustable)
Dip Angle (°) 0 0

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