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Seed Coating Machine

1. The seed Coating Machine is capable of covering seeds with chemical product, mixed pesticide and fertilizer to realize plant protection before sowing.
2. Becoming increasingly popular, the seed coating equipment is designed with internationally advanced technology. Our company possesses the intellectual property for the technology.
3. The seed feeding system of the seed Coating Machine employs impeller feeder controlled by stepless control system.
4. Under the control of the stepless control system, the metering pump can feed chemical product for coating smoothly.
5. Main components of the seed coating machine includes centrifugal pulverizer, screw mixer, and rotary cleaning unit, realizing uniform distribution of chemical product on the seed with low crashing ratio and low noise. The cleaning of the seed Coating Machine is quite easy.
6. Intelligent control system with PLC. LCD touch screen is employed as man-machine interface. On the interface, operator can input three groups of parameters, including productivity, specific gravity, and ratio of seed and chemical liquid. The control system of the grain coating machine will then automatically set the feeding rate of seed and chemical liquid
7. The feeding of seed and chemical liquid is carried out in sequence based on the interlocking system to ensure synchronous, consecutive, quantificational and steady feeding of seed and chemical liquid.
8. Scientifically designed, the seed Coating Machine offers low seed crashing ratio, high safety, and noticeable coating quality. Apart from that, dispersion of seed coating can be avoided

Technical Parameters
Item Unit Parameter
Model - 5B-5
Dimension (L×W×H) mm 2230×1040×3080
Power kW 3.35
Production Capacity kg/h 5000
Weight kg 600
Ratio of medicament vs. seed - 1:25~1:120 (Adjustable)
Percentage of damaged seed - <0.1%
Seed percentage of pass - ≥95%

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Seed Coating Machine | Seed Treater

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