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Bridge Type Stacker

  • Bridge Type Stacker
  • Bridge Type Stacker
  • Bridge Type Stacker
  • Bridge Type Stacker

The bridge type stacker Jingu provides is professional stacking equipment devoted to finished products warehouses of various industrials. Wildly applied in such industries as grain, oil & fat, flour, feeds, salt, fertilizer and cements, this multi-functional conveying equipment could stack bagged materials in a neat and secure fashion.

As a result, this bridge type stacker effectively helps with finishing the stacking work in the warehouse, reducing the high demand for labors, lessening labor intensity, promoting work efficiency, lowering production cost. Especially, this storage machinery effectively promotes a manufacturer's production management.

Product Features
1. This versatile stacker enjoys an easy operation, smooth and reliable performance, simple maintenance, effectively assisting you to lower the production cost;

2. This bridge type stacker could promote the utilization rate of a warehouse. We can provide to you a stacker of a suitable working height according to your specific need and the height of your warehouse;

3.Consisting of six major components, namely, the big stacker trolley, the small stacker trolley, trolley crane, cantilever lift mechanism, operating platform and electrical control system, this bride stacker could stack materials at any location within the warehouse;

4. Drive motor of each stacker is equipped with a frequency converter which plays a role of limiting the current, regulating voltage and controlling the speed;

5.Our stacking machinery is equipped with a fault alarm device controlled by PLC and an on-line control system. If any fault or such unusual incident as the congestion and blockage of packs happens, the conveying controlling system will turn off each unit one by one from the front to the end, helping you resolve the trouble and ensuring the stacker to work smoothly.

Product Parameters
1.This bridge type stacker is applicable to a 12m to 30m wide warehouse;
2. bagged materials weight: 10-70kg;
3: sacking height: 3-6m;
4. stacking speed: 600-1500 packs/hour.

Type Specification of the Pack (Kg/bag) Stacking Height (m) Span (m) Belt Width(mm) Conveying Capacity (Bag/h) Power(kW)
QBMDJ35 25-40 3-4 5-30 350 400-1200 5.7-14.5
QBMDJ50 35-50 3-5 5-30 500 400-1200 6.4-16
QBMDJ65 40-75 3-5 5-30 650 400-1200 7.2-18
QBMDJ80 75-90 3-5 5-30 800 400-1200 10-20

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