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Automatic Bagging Machine

Automatic bagging machine is used in the bagging of grain, flour, feed, salt, fertilizer, cement and other industries. Easy operation, reliable operation, high production efficiency, less use of personnel and low labor intensity, can effectively improve the working environment for workers.

Technical specifications
Name Parameters
Packing weight 15-70kg
Filling speed 600 bag/hour
Total power 8.5kW
Gas consumption 10m3/h
Gas pressure 0.5-0.6MPa
Seam velocity 0.2m/s
Control mode Industrial computer and PLC system

Schematic diagram of structure

1. Bag supply system
2. Taking and hanging bag system
3. Bagging system
4. Conveying system
5. Labeling system

Installation and commissioning
1. Before installation, check the installation position and height if there is sufficient space for installation and enough additional space for operation and maintenance.
2. Check whether the power supply and air supply is in line with the requirements. Power requirements 50Hz, AC380v, three-phase, air source requirements for dry cleaning, air pressure 0.5-0.6MPa.
3. According to the principle diagram, connect the cable between the systems properly, connect the power supply, and adjust the running direction of the motor.
4. Strict inspection is necessary after the installation, and adjust the level of the whole frame. Check if the bolt is tightened, the conversion mechanism is flexible, electrical control button is sensitive, and transmission parts lubrication is normal. Commissioning will only be started when there is no problem.
5. Check whether the connection with the bulk weighing device is normal, and the connection between weighing device and feeding robot is correct, ensuring the normal feeding.
6. If the above steps are all completed, then you can carry out test run with material, you need to set the number of packages at the beginning, adjust the height of the automatic sewing machine and automatic labeling machine and labeling speed, until the work of overall system is normal, then you can start a small batch production.

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