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Bale Breaker

The bale breaker JINGU provides is an independently designed and manufactured patent equipment (paten number: ZL 2008 20068811.5) which enjoys flexible motions, convenient operations, reliable performance and high productivity. This storage equipment could not only unstack finished products, but also be used as a stacker. As new storage machinery for modern industrials, it could significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers. Therefore, this multi-functional conveying equipment has been wildly used in such industries as grain, oil and fat, flour, feeds, salt, fertilizer, and cements.

Product Features
1. This fully automatic bale breaker could run smoothly in both horizontal and vertical linear ways. Moreover, it could change direction while it is moving. Given this strength, this storage equipment is capable to arrive at the designated operating location in a short time;

2. On the front section of the breaker, the packs-picking-up device is equipped with a cable servo rotation mechanism which could keep the device in a horizontal position, offering helps to workers and reducing labor intensity;

3.The bale breaker could be lift automatically, helping workers pick up packs. Automatically operated machinery as it is, this bale breaker could be handled manually according the operators’ requirements.

Product Parameters
Type Conveying Capacity
( bag /h)
Specifications of the Pack
( bag/h )
Running Speed
( m/s )
( m )
Power (kW) Boundary Dimensions
CDJ -50 400-1000 25 - 5 0 0.2 0.7-4/0.6-3.2 1.5x2+1.2x2+3 6.3x1.8x2.6
CDJ - 65 400-1000 25 - 5 0 0.2 0.7-4/0.6-3.2 2.2x2+1.2x2+3 6.3x1.8x2.6

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