1. Bucket Elevator

      Safe explosion-proof
      Low maintenance cost
      Long service life

    1. En-Masse Conveyor

      High safely and reliability
      Low maintenance cost
      Super wear-resistance design

    1. Air Supported Belt Conveyor

      No clamping with air cushion layer
      Long distance conveying
      Long service life

    1. Conventional Belt Conveyors

      Patented movable tripper
      Low maintenance cost
      Long service life

    1. Enclosed Belt Conveyor

      Patented plough type tripper
      Multipoint discharging
      Long service life

    1. Portable Belt ConveyorThe mobile belt conveyor JINGU provides is a major continuous handling equipment used in the conveyance of grains in warehouse. Of multiple functions, this mobile telescopic equipment could not only transfer bulk materials and bagged materials ...
    1. Screw ConveyorThe screw conveyor JINGU manufactures is a fixed conveying equipment that enjoys a reliable performance, simpler structure and sound leakproofness. The helical blades this conveyor employs are of two forms, namely the entity spiral surface and the vane spiral face ...
    1. Conveyor Accessories

      Slide gates

    1. Scraper ReclaimerThis grain warehouse machinery enjoys highly automatic, secure and smooth operations, novel and simple structure, as well as sound productivity.
    1. Silo Sweep AugerThe silo sweep auger Jingu provides is a reliable grain machinery geared to the flat bottom silo. When most of the materials flow out of the folio, the rest could be handled by this sweep auger. In this way all the materials will be moved out of the silo.
    1. Grain ScraperThe grain scraper Jingu manufactures is a mobile bulk materials handling equipment which mainly consists of a host, a spinning frame, a conveyor and lifting gears. Suitable for the in-and-out warehouse of bulk grains, this automatic grain scraper could also work together ...
    1. Bridge Type Stacker

      360 degree stacking operation
      Low lobor intensity, high efficiency
      PLC control system, one-stop solution

    1. Automatic Bagging Machine

      High-speed open-mouth bagger
      Antomatic label-sewing system
      Cost-effective servo bagging system

    1. Automatic Packaging Machine

      One-stop packaging solution
      Antomatic label-sewing system
      Cost-effective servo system

    1. Bale BreakerThe bale breaker JINGU provides is an independently designed and manufactured patent equipment (paten number: ZL 2008 20068811.5) which enjoys flexible motions, convenient operations, reliable performance and high productivity.
    1. Fine Seed Cleaner

      The fine Seed Cleaner is installed with multi-layer sieve to clean the impurities, completely. Positive-negative pressure wind system can further remove the light impurity and bad seeds. The upper and lower sieve of the seed cleaning equipment can be exchanged flexibly to satisfy varied processing demands.

    1. Seed Gravity Separator

      The seed gravity separator is constructed with combined type positive pressure fan system. The pressure can be adjusted within a wide range for wide applications. The dedusting cover of the seed separating machine effectively reduces the dust content in the workshop.

    1. Seed Indented Cylinder

      The seed indented cylinder is designed in compact structure. It can be adjusted easily according to diversified seed cleaning requirements. The seed processing machinery is composed of 3 replaceable sieves. For different types of seed, the operating speed of the seed separator can be adjusted, freely.

    1. Seed Coating Machine

      The feeding of seed and chemical liquid is carried out in sequence based on the interlocking system to ensure synchronous, consecutive, quantificational and steady feeding of seed and chemical liquid. Scientifically designed, the seed coater offers low seed crashing ratio, high safety, and noticeable coating quality.

    1. Seed Packing Machine

      The parts contacting with materials are made of stainless steel to meet food hygiene requirements. The outstanding corrosion resistance extends the lifespan of the seed packing machine. The pneumatic and the electrical components are meticulous designed to achieve high safety.