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Flour Milling Engineering

Jingu provides various conveying systems for flour milling processing factories.

Jingu provides a complete set of solutions of wheat conveying, storage, flour bag packaging and stacking system, one-stop services are provided which include designing, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, acceptance and after sale service.

Main Equipment

1. Bucket Elevators
Bucket elevators are quality products resulting from a combination of advanced foreign and domestic manufacturing technology. The maximum conveying capacity is 1,200 tons per hour. Different configurations are available based on different customer requirements. The bucket elevator is a preferred equipment for lifting various materials with its stable operation conditions and high reliability.

2. En-Masse Conveyers
En-masse conveyors are preferred equipment for medium and short distance and medium and small volume conveying with their stable operation and low failure rates. The maximum conveying capacity is 1,200 tons per hour. There are en-masse conveyers, drag conveyors in this category for different working conditions.

3. Belt Conveyers
Belt conveyers include enclosed belt conveyors, conventional type belt conveyors. They are suitable for conveying of medium and long distances and of all ranges of capacity, featuring large output, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost. Enclosed belt conveyors feature full sealedness, few wearing parts, convenient maintenance, safety, and environmental protection, it complete with plough type tripper for multipoint discharge process; Conventional belt conveyers, loading equipment that especially suitable for working on the top of warehouses, are suitable for multi-point discharge in a row line.

4. Air Supported Belt Conveyors
Air supported belt conveyors use air cushion to hold up the belt and materials on top of the belt to significantly reduce energy consumption by replacing sliding and rolling friction with gas film between the belt and the gas. They are suitable for long distance and large volume conveying.

5. Bridge Type stacker
Bridge type stacker provides professional meal bag conveying and stacking system. Widely applied in soybean meal, flour, feeds warehouse to convenient finished products stacking and pellet for store and transportation, reduce big demand for labors, lessening labor intensity, promoting work efficiency.

6. Automatic Bagging Machine
Automatic packaging machine integrates advanced intelligent robot and automatic control technology, using the complete serve control system to take high-precision control for the action of the mechanism. It is able to reduce the labor intensity of the workers, and improve the work efficiency, to better meet the needs of the actual production.